gate ed12

a gate to the decentralized hype network

Available domains for this node:

AK Radio AK Mixes AK Stats Some shares My website

Live now!

Arching Kaos Radio is a webradio service, free for all to listen or contribute. If you want to participate just contact me on SSB using Patchwork.

Torrent tracker

I provide a torrent tracker for anyone to use. I use a white list for torrent hashes so you need to contact me for that on SSB.



Working IRC server for anyone


As of the 2nd of April 2020, is peered with the BonoboNet. You can see the map here or visit the original source through yggdrasil network here.


Google collects a lot of data. SearX doesn't. A meta-search engine for everyone to use!


IPFS Protocol | Dat Protocol | Icecast streaming server | ScuttleButt Protocol | CJDNS Network